You’ve heard of the magnificent seven?

The Awesome Eight

The Awesome Eight


Now its time to introduce you to my riding companions, I did think to change the names in order to protect the innocent, but then take a closer look at the photo – which one of those could be even remotely described as innocent! So from left to right we have Bubbles – normally you would think that the shades are part of biker cool, but i suspect in this case it was because of the gallon of Drambuie he consumed even before we left Abu Dhabi, accompanied by our good buddy Jack who came with us all the way on the flight the night before. Then there’s Mike the Bike – he was the instigator, organiser, tour guide and generalissimo of the whole event, ably supported and sustained by next in line Jayne with a “Y” his decidedly better half – clutching the club mascot. Just behind her is Jim – he’s the biker’s biker – and if ever there was the epitome of “ride it like you stole it” that’s Jim! Next, at the front,  is Tania or rather to give her her full name and title: “Hi, my name’s Tania and I drop bikes.” And to give her full credit she managed to drop her’s before we’d even got out of the parking lot – nothing like living the dream! Just behind her – that’s me – I’m at the back, coz as anyone who knows me would agree I’m the shy retiring type. In the blue bandanna we have Max, he’s our emiratization programme – with him we’ve acheived 12.5% which is way beyond even our stretch target for a private sector enterprise. He’s also a man with a mission, but you’ll get to find out more about that as the plot thickens and unfolds… And so that brings us to our final and indeed most magnificent member Jo, a gracious lady of harley who doesn’t take crap from anyone, least of all from Jim her faithful side-kick, chauffeur and oh yes, husband.


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